Custom Products promotes the powder paint colors below for color matching of both architectural and safety related projects. Powder Paint Safety Colors are considered to be companion colors to the PMS printed utility and safety sign colors specified by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and the APWA (American PublicWorks Association). All CPC Standard Powder Paint Colors meet AAMA Performance Criteria Level 2604/High Performance/ Superior Perform Polyester to ensure your investment. All colors have an 80% Semi-Gloss appearance. IMPORTANT NOTE: All Powder Paint Standard Colors on this chart are set by the CPC art department under neutral light conditions. Please note that all colors vary in appearance on different substrates and under different light conditions. Digital colors vary from screen to screen and should not be chosen by screen color when an exact match is required. If an exact color match is critical, further assistance and information regarding our Branding Program is available through the customer service department. Powder Paint Standard Color Chart VOICE: 1-800-367-1492 • FAX: 1-800-206-3444 sales@cpcsigns.com • www.cpcsigns.com PowderPaintColorChart ©2020 Architectural Colors Safety Colors Black White Federal Brown Duronodic Gray Bronze Duronodic Brown Bronze Dark Gray Light Gray Burgundy Dark Blue Dark Green Dark Metallic Light Metallic APWA Blue ANSI Blue Yellow Purple Green Orange Red Pink HI-VIZ/ Conspicuity Yellow