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52 X Tube Rigid Upright with Sign

52" X Tube Rigid Upright with Sign

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  • About In-Street Pedestrian Signage
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52" X-Tube Rigid Upright with Sign

  • Sign Options (X):
    YIELD to Ped - Single Faced
    (3) YIELD to Ped - Double Faced
    (4) - STOP to Ped - Double Faced
    (5) - STOP to Ped - Single Faced
  • Sign Size: 12" x 36"
  • Sign Material: Durable Plastic
  • Sign Reflective Sheeting: Sign Utilizes Highly Visible, Reflective Diamond Grade Fluorescent Yellow Green sheeting.
  • The 40 lb. Yeti Base and Quick Release Pin are Sold Separately: For easy ordering, packages are available with the 52" X-Tube Rigid Upright with Sign, Quick Release Pin and the 40 lb. Yeti Base included.

About In-Street Pedestrian Signage

  • According to the MUTCD 7B.12.04, the In-Street Pedestrian Crossing Signs may be used at unsignalized school crossings. See MUTCD for more information.

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