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Bundy Thermoplastic Adhesive Pads
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Bundy Thermoplastic Adhesive Pads

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Bundy Thermoplastic Adhesive Pads

Use Bundy Thermoplastic Adhesive Pads to bind markers to the road.

  • Color (XX): (BK) Black | (WH) White | (BU) Blue | (YE) Yellow
  • Size: 5" x 5" | 125 ml | Square
  • Quantity: 140 pads
  • Pre-formed thermoplastic adhesive pads are non-toxic with zero V.O.C.s
  • When heated with a propane heat torch, a Bundy® liquefies and fuses with the road surface and the marker providing a bond that will last throughout the marker’s lifetime.
  • Bundy's are also ideal for maintenance applications.
  • If a marker is lost, it easily can be replaced by melting a new Bundy® on top of the old.
  • Installation: Simple installation with a propane heat torch on asphalt. A sealer is recommended for installation on non-asphaltic surfaces such as brick or concrete. There are no minimum ambient or road temperature requirements.
  • Compatibility: 5" x 5" Bundy thermoplastic adhesive pads are designed to adhere raised pavement markers (RPMs) to the road surface.

Pavement Markings Guide

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