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    Custom Products CPC Signs is an awarded Vendor for the Buy Board Cooperative

    Custom Products Corporation is a BuyBoard Awarded Vendor for Traffic Control Products, Supplies and Equipment, plus Road Signs, Posts and Hardware.

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    Generic Dating Sticker: Sign Installation Date Style

    Generic Dating Sticker: Sign Installation Date Style

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    • Description
    • Common Misconception
    • Assessment and Management Rules
    • Literature

    Generic Dating Sticker: Sign Installation Date Style

    The Generic dating sticker provides the year and you simply punch out the month that applies to the date of installation.

    • Size: 2.25" wide x 1.125" high
    • Reflective Sheeting (H): High Intensity Prismatic

    Did You Know?

    An assessment method is required to be in place to maintain minimum retroreflectivity of all traffic signs.


    Agencies MUST purchase a Reflectometer and use the Retroreflectivity Measurement Method which requires equipment purchases totaling over $10,000.


    Agencies DO NOT need to purchase a reflectometer to measure retroreflectivity levels of all their signs. Agencies DO need to implement a program that regularly evaluates and assesses the nighttime performance of their signs. We recommend Sign Dating Stickers as a low cost, budget friendly way to meet assessment method requirements for smaller agencies, rather than purchasing unnecessary equipment.

    Assessment and Management Rules

    The Final Rule issued by the Federal Highway Administration provides five “Assessment or Management Methods” for agencies to implement a retroreflectivity sign management program. Only 1 of the 5 methods must be implemented to diminish an agencies liability.

    1. Visual Nighttime Inspection Method: In the visual nighttime inspection method, the inspector assesses the visibility and retroreflectivity of the traffic signs as he or she approaches the signs. Signs need to be replaced if they do not meet the comparison defined in the appropriate procedure.

    2. Measured Retroreflectivity Method: In this method, the retroreflectivity of a sign is measured by a Reflectometer and directly compared to the minimum level appropriate to that sign. A sign needs to be replaced if the average retroreflectivity value is less than the appropriate minimum level.

    3. Control Sign Method: In this method, a control sample of signs is used to represent the total population of an agency’s signs. The retroreflectivity of the control sign is monitored at appropriate intervals and sign replacement is based on the performance of the control signs.

    4. Expected Sign Life Method: In this method, individual signs are replaced before they reach the end of their expected service life. To do this, an agency will need to know the expected service life required for the retroreflective material to degrade to the minimum retroreflective levels, and will need a method of identifying the age of individual signs.

    5. Blanket Replacement Method: In this method, an agency replaces all the signs in an area/corridor, or of a given type, at specified intervals. An agency that uses this method does not need to assess the retroreflectivity of individual signs.


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