No Parking Symbol Sign for Temporary Traffic Control

No Parking Symbol Sign for Temporary Traffic Control

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  • Federal Rules for Private Property
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MUTCD PART 6 - Chapter 6F.01 - 6F.59

Temporary Traffic Control Signs view pdf | view table 6F.1
Quick Reference: Sign Sizes for Roadway Type view chart

No Parking Symbol Sign for Temporary Traffic Control

  • Size (XXXX):
    24" x 24" for use on Conventional^ Single Lane Roads
    (3030+) 30" x 30" for use on Multi-Lane Roads
    (3636+) 36" x 36" for use on Expressway/Oversized for Enhanced Conspicuity
    (4848+) 48" x 48" for use on Freeway
    (1212+) 12" x 12" for use on Low Volume Roads
  • No Parking Here Sign Notes:
    ^ Conventional Roads include Single and Multi-Lane Roads.
    * Denotes there is a different minimum size required for multi-lane roads from Table 2B-1.
    + Denotes sizes from Table 2B-1 not listed for road types in Table 6F-1. | view table 2B.1
  • Reflective Sheeting (X):
    High Intensity Prismatic
    (3) DG3 Diamond Grade Cubed
  • Substrate: .080" Aluminum
  • MUTCD Sign Designation: R8-3

Federal Rules Impact on Private Property view pdf

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