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S Flex (Hinged) Guardrail Delineator Markers [200/BOX]
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S Flex (Hinged) Guardrail Delineator Markers [200/BOX]

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S-Flex (Hinged) Guardrail Delineator Markers [200/BOX]

This Marker Sold per Box of 200.

Reflective guardrail markers create bright delineation, creating safer roads and safer driving conditions.

  • Reflective Sheeting: High Intensity Prismatic
  • Reflective Colors (XX): (WH) White | (YE) Yellow
  • Reflective Sides (S/D): (S) Single-Sided | (D) Double-Sided
  • Material: Manufactured with virgin engineering resins and polyurethane hinge. Constructed to endure the rigors of construction work zones and permanent installations.
  • Body Size: 4" x 8.75"
  • Body Color: White
  • Features: Featuring "Gator Jaws" polyurethane hinge that have the ability to flex when impacted, resulting in lower maintenance and longer life.
  • Compatibility: Easy to install on wooden guardrail posts and metal guardrails.
  • NOTE: Adhesive and hardware, sold separately.

About Delineators

  • Delineators are beneficial at locations such as at lane-reduction transitions and curves and provide effective guidance at night and during adverse weather conditions. Refer to the MUTCD for more information.
  • Retroreflective elements for delineators shall have a minimum dimension of 3 inches.
  • Delineators are considered guidance devices rather than warning devices.
  • Delineators may be used on long continuous sections of highway or through short stretches where there are changes in horizontal alignment.

Color Definitions

  • WHITE: Lane markings or to mark the right pavement edge.
  • YELLOW: Separate traffic moving in opposite directions, or mark the left pavement edge on one-way roadways.
  • RED: Used to warn motorists of "Do Not Enter" or "Wrong Way". Also, delineators shall be red when used on a truck escape ramp.
  • BLUE: Used to mark the location of fire hydrants on the shoulder or at the curb.
  • GREEN: Used for snowplow markings.
  • ORANGE/FLUORESCENT ORANGE: Used in construction work zone areas.

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