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Type I and II: Omni A Frame Barricade (1) One Leg
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Type I and II: Omni A Frame Barricade (1) One Leg

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Type I and II: Omni A-Frame Barricade Leg - (1) One Leg Only

  • PRODUCT ID: RSPBAPA200 (1) One Leg Only
  • Build a Custom Package: Use (2) two Omni A-Frame Legs and (1) one or (2) two 1" x 8" Barricade Boards of your choice. (Set of 2) Omni A-Frame Barricade Legs, also available. Barricade Boards, Sold Separately.
  • Versatile Omni™ A-Frame accepts Plasticade 1" x 8" Barricade Boards and I-Beam Boards.
  • Use with one or two 1" x 8" boards
  • Perfect for crowd control and road closures.
  • 20% heavier than the Plasticade A-Frame barricade leg with a solid wall design.
  • Stacking lugs for easy transportation and storage.
  • Flashing light mounting receptacle on each leg.
  • Call customer service at 1-800-367-1492 to order I-Beam Barricade Boards.

A barricade is a portable or fixed device having from one to three rails with appropriate marking and is used to control road users by closing, restricting, or delineating all or a portion of the right-of-way. Refer to the MUTCD for more information.

  • Type 1 Barricades may be used on conventional roads or urban streets.
  • Type 2 Barricades should be used on freeways and expressways or other high-speed roadways.
  • Type 3 Barricades should be used to close or partially close a road.
  • Red/White Stripes: When barricades are used to warn road users of the end of a roadway, the stripes shall be red and white.
  • Sign Placement: Signs mounted on barricades and barricade/sign combinations shall be crashworthy.

The MUTCD (Manual for Traffic Control Devices) specifies sizes and color combos for Barricade Boards and Vertical Panels. Refer to the MUTCD for more information.

  • 4" Stripes: boards/panels that are 8-12" x 24" and smaller shall have 4" Stripes
  • 6" Stripes: boards/panels that are 8-12" x 36" and larger shall have 6" Stripes
  • Red/White Stripes: STOP or Prohibition (Permanent)
  • Orange/White Stripes: indicate Temporary Traffic Control
  • NOTE: Barricade sheeting can NOT be rotated for use as both "left" and "right". There is a common misconception that "ALL" striped goods can be used for both "right" and "left" options by simply rotating them 180 degrees. Shown Below: Rotate the "right" object marker -or- barricade board and it remains a "right".
Barricade Stripes

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