Wood Handles for STOP/STOP Hand Paddle Heads
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Wood Handles for STOP/STOP Hand Paddle Heads

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Wood Handles for STOP/STOP Hand Paddle Heads

  • Size(XX): (12) 12" Handle | (18) 18" Handle
  • NOTE: 6" of the staff is attached to the paddle and the remaining length is the handle.
  • Compatibility: All Handles are punched to match any of the CPC Hand Paddle Head designs.

About STOP/STOP Paddles

  • Adult crossing guards shall use a STOP paddle to control traffic.
  • The STOP paddle shall be the primary hand signaling device
  • STOP/STOP paddles shall be at least 18 inches wide with 6 inches letters.
  • When used at night, the STOP/SLOW paddle shall be retro-reflectorized.

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School Zone Safety Guide
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