Special Legend: Ski, Snowmobile, Snowshoe Signs

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Green Circle | Easiest Ski Slope Sign
Blue Square | More Difficult Ski Slope Sign
Black Diamond | Most Difficult Ski Slope Sign
Double Black Diamond | Expert Only Ski Slope Sign
Check for Loose Clothing and Equipment Sign
No Motorized Vehicles Permitted Except Snowmobiles Sign
No Skating (Skating Symbol) Sign
No Skiers on Trail (Ski Symbol) Sign
No Snowmobiles (Snowmobile Symbol) Sign
No Snowshoes (Snowshoe Symbol) Sign
No Walking on Trail (Hiker Symbol) Sign
Prepare to Unload | Raise Bar Sign
Ski Area Boundary | Closed Area | Do Not Ski Beyond This Sign
Ski Trail (Ski Symbol) Sign
Ski Trail Etiquette Sign
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