Custom Street Name Finished Signs with Bent Lip

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Finished Sign

Sizes: 36" x 13.5" | 30" x 11"

Finished Sign

Sizes: 36" x 15" | 30" x 11.82"

Finished Sign

Sizes: 36" x 12" | 30" x 9.25"

Finished Sign

Sizes: 36" x 14.25" | 30" x 11.5"

Finished Sign

Sizes: 36" x 12" | 30" x 10"

  • Description
  • Literature
  • Shapes (XXXX): (1001) Ridgeland | (1016) Madison | (1003) Dinsmor | (1004) Deerfield | (1025) Standard
  • Sizes (X): (J) 30" long | (C) 36" long - Heights vary by design.
  • Material:.080" Aluminum
  • Lip Style: Sign includes a 3/4" Bent lip, not included in sign size.
  • Border Styles: None | Edge - Use on dark backgrounds | Inset - use on white backgrounds
  • Sheeting: White High Intensity Prismatic
  • Reflective Sides: Doubled-Sided (All reflective custom street name sign blanks are double sided. Single sided available upon request)
  • Standard Letter Font: Standard B Series or largest Highway Gothic Font Series that space will allow based on the number of letters.
  • Custom Letter Font: Available upon request. Please refer to MUTCD for acceptable standards.
  • Letter Height: 6" Primary & 3" Prefix/Suffix for 9" or taller signs -or- 4" Primary & 2" Prefix/Suffix for 6" tall signs

  • Standard Colors: (A) White on Green | (B) White on Blue | (C) White on Brown | (D) Black on White | (E) White on Black
  • Custom Colors: Must meet MUTCD guidelines for sufficient contrast between letters and background.
  • NOTE: Colors shown are examples of standard colors on custom shapes. All shapes available in standard or custom colors.
  • Compatibility: Use Bent Lip Signs with Sign Arm Brackets. See example diagram below.
  • Installation Notes: Signs must be installed with appropriate hand tools. Power tools such as drills and impacts should NOT be used. Power tools cause over tightening, which in turn, causes bracket failure. Returns or exchanges are not available if power tools have been used for installation.
  • NOTE: Signs are sold separately from brackets, posts and hardware.
Components Custom Street Name Systems

Custom Street Name System Components view pdf

CSNS Catalog

Custom Street Name Catalog view pdf

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