Cherry Mate Rivets

Cherry Mate Rivets

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Cherry-Mate Rivets

  • PRODUCT ID: RHRBALM8BP18 - #18 Rivet for 1.12# U-Channel Post
  • PRODUCT ID: RHRBALM8BP26 - #26 Rivet for 2# U-Channel Post
  • PRODUCT ID: RHRBALM8BP30 - #30 Rivet for 2.5# U-Channel Post
  • PRODUCT ID: RHRBALM8BP34 - #34 Rivet for 3-4# U-Channel Post
  • Compatibility: Two-piece rivets are intended primarily as a replacement for bolts and nuts. Often used for signage installation on square or U-shaped posts, two-piece rivets have many other applications including simple hinges (garbage pails, accordion-type gates), trim attachment and automotive component packaging.
  • Installation: Two piece rivets offer the following installation advantages:
    - Non-critical hole size: no close-tolerance drilling necessary.
    - Tamper-resistant: smooth, low profile head on both ends.
    - Controlled clamp-up: clamps tightly without crushing.
    - Vibration-proof: won't shake loose.

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