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Men Working | Work Zone Signs

Men Working | Work Zone Signs

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Men Working | Work Zone Signs

  • Sizes (XXXX): (2424) 24" x 24" | (3030) 30" x 30" | (3636) 36" x 36" | (4848) 48" x 48"
  • Reflective Sheeting (X):
    VIP Diamond Grade TOP SELLER
    (3) DG3 Diamond Grade Cubed
    (H) High Intensity Prismatic
  • Substrate: .080" Aluminum
  • Sign Designation: W21-1B
  • Standard Specifications: (4) 3/8" holes punched at top and bottom for 2 post mount.
  • NOTE: 48" Signs MUST Ship via Truck Line.
Available as a Roll Up

About Work Zone Signs

Work Zone signs have orange backgrounds. They communicate road and hazard conditions in temporary areas such as construction and utility work. Refer to the MUTCD for more information.

Replacement Requirements*

Work Zone signs should only be used in “new” or “like new” condition and replaced immediately if missing, damaged or deteriorated. While they are temporary signs, condition is extremely critical because travel through work zones can be hazardous with unexpected or unusual conditions.
* Maintenance of signs and sign support: FHWA-SA-09-025

Size Requirements

MUTCD 2009 Chapter 6F | Table 6F-1 p. 578

Work Zone Signs: 36" x 36" for Single/Multi | 48" x 48" for Expressway

NOTE: 30" x 30" WORK ZONE SIGNS are no longer permitted on many roads.

Are Your Signs Bright Enough?

  • All Ground Mounted Warning Signs MUST be Type II Reflective or better.
  • All Roll-Up Signs used at night MUST be retro-reflective.

Ground Mounted Sign Support Requirements

Sign mounting heights from the ground to the bottom of a sign (Above Grade Clearance) and distances from the roadside (Clear Zone) based on speed and road type:

Ground Mounted Sign Supports

Are your sign supports crashworthy?

All Sign supports within temporary traffic control areas must be crashworthy. Choose a NCHRP-350 approved sign stand or breakaway systems for U-Channel Posts, Square Posts, or Round Posts.

Construction Work Zone Products Guide

Construction Work Zone Products view pdf

Construction Work Zone MUTCD Regulations
MUTCD Regulations: Construction Work Zone view pdf
Breakaway Supports and Clear Zone
Breakaway Supports and Clear Zones view pdf



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